Health and Safety has gone mad in Suffolk

Fearful of a Noel Hunt shot going anywhere other than the goal [allegedly], Ipswich Town have decided to ban children under the age of 5 (and their accompanying families) from certain levels of lower tier stands.

The old chestnut of ‘creating a safer experience’ and ‘improving match day experience’ have been rolled out to force these children and their families (76 under-5s have season tickets) into designated ‘family areas’ in certain stands designated for that purpose.

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Understandably, families that might be affected by this decree have issued grumblings about it with their accusations of ‘health and safety have gone mad’ being countered by Ipswich Town with the decision being ‘a response to the danger [of]footballs being hit into the crowd.

I suppose the change is to avoid instances like this.


All Ipswich Town had to do was insist that families with children under-5 sit within 5 yards of the goals. That way they’d be safe from errant Noel Hunt shots.

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This isn’t a pop at Ipswich Town – more gentle japery at Noel Hunt who couldn’t score for Leeds United

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