Sometimes the beauty of football, the exquisitely weighted pass that drifts to the feet of an onrushing attacker is forgotten amongst the darker side of what some call ‘the beautiful game’. If it isn’t racism hurled at members of the public, if it isn’t sexist chanting aimed at female club doctors then it is most certainly misguided club loyalties leading fans to attack fans of other clubs. Often these attacks are preplanned, malice aforethought; other times these are simply just random attacks borne out of frustration or pure nastiness.

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One such attack after Saturday’s 2-2 draw between Wolves and Watford, left a Watford fan in hospital. However, the dark ugliness of that action, an action many thought was of a different footballing era, has been brightened up a little by the response. An online ‘fundraising’ page has been set up by a Wolves supporter, no doubt disgusted at the initial attack, and this page has received more than £10,000 in donations and pledges for the Watford fan, named as Nick Cruwys on the site in question.

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In the dark shadows cast by such actions of depravity that, almost everyone can agree, don’t belong in football, it is welcoming to see that the much-vaunted ‘football family’ feeling and compassion is alive and kicking. Whilst the Watford fan remains in hospital, it is comforting that outside many are saying ‘football violence, not in my name!’

As of Monday 9th March at 7.30 p.m. the fundraising page for Nick Cruwys had raised over £13,000

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