Wigan are not the architects of their current situation – they are not to blame for how and where they are.

It was the decision of previous owner Au Yeung Wai Kay to place the Latics into administration that has damned them.

Wigan in administration and its ramifications

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The decision of the then Latics owner to place the club into administration saw an instant -12 point penalty applied.

The EFL said that the penalty would apply at the season’s end – deducted once all games were complete.

As it was, a late Barnsley winner saw Wigan go down, relegated to League One.

It was then that the asset-stripping started. Premier League clubs came in and took Wigan’s highly-regarded youngsters. The Latics sold their Euxton training ground to neighbours Preston North End.

That started the downward spiral.

Wigan battered at home by Hull City – fans reactions

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On their own turf tonight, Wigan were given a royal roasting and ended up on the end of a 5-0 massacre.

It wasn’t pretty and the Latics bright opening 25-minute spell was undone by lax defending and easy goals for Hull City.

As 5-0 games go, it was as bad as could be expected. There is nothing pretty about that level of scoreline

Plenty of Wigan fans rushed to air their views both during and after the game.

Here’s what some were saying whilst the massacre was ongoing:


Here is a selection of what Wigan fans had to say after the game: