No quarter was given nor asked for by Joey Barton as a player and he was the same as a manager.

That firebrand streak that he showed countless times when running around the pitch as evident in the technical area when he took his first step into management with Fleetwood Town.

That first managerial position is now in tatters and Barton is out of work since Cod Army chairman Chris Pilley sacked the former QPR man.

In a story carried by The Sun, Barton opens up on some of the background of him leaving.

What was know from before?

Lewis Storey/Getty Images Sport

38-year-old Barton’s sacking came in early January and there were stories that it hinged around his effective sacking of striker Ched Evans.

Evans was told that he had no future at Highbury after Barton failed to see the funny side of a comedy skit Evans performed in a players’ court as a forfeit.

It apparently centred around Evans mocking up pictures of Barton and his coaches as superheroes whilst wearing gloves – this coming after Fleetwood players were ridiculed by Barton for the very same thing.

Sacking Evans for this ran in the face of what chairman Pilley saw as the direction he wanted the club to take.

What is known now?

Lewis Storey/Getty Images Sport

Speaking to an episode of ex-Liverpool and England star Robbie Fowler’s podcast, Barton lays bare the reasons behind the axe falling on his time at Fleetwood.

Putting aside the talk of his effective dismissal of Evans, Barton speaks about chairman Pilley’s interference in the transfer decisions that Barton wanted to make.

Barton wanted to bring some players in to replace those he thought were at the “end of their cycle” – Evans was one of these players.

With both Pilley and Barton at loggerheads, something had to give and that something was Barton’s position with the Cod Army.