On the face of it, Derby County is a club in a bit of a mess. There are not many who’d disagree with that statement.

Faces only tell one side of a story. though. They can easily mask and hide what needs to be hidden.

Wayne Rooney has been crowned manager, bringing some stability. However, they still find themselves within an uncomfortable sniffing distance of the relegation places.

More pressing, though, are the issues that still bubble away in the corridors and the boardroom.

Derby County – turmoil away from the face of things

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Off the pitch, there’s a lot going on at the Rams – a whole lot. Rather than wax lyrically, it can be summed in two things: faltering takeover and unpaid wages.

More succinctly it can be summed up in this tweet from Telegraph reporter, John Percy:

Slightly more detail can be found in a jointly-authored Telegraph article where Percy and Mike McGrath add detail about what is becoming a convoluted takeover of Derby with Mel Morris set to cede ownership to Derventio Holdings, a company owned by Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Neheyan.

That is still a takeover that is grinding on and, on the surface, getting nowhere at all.

No change says Sun reporter Alan Nixon

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What is going on in the corridors and boardroom at Pride Park is still going on, says Nixon. That is clear  in a reply to this question from a worried Derby fan:

Nixon replies to this question through the following quoted retweet:

Nixon’s reply would hardly fill any Derby fans worried by proceedings with any degree of confidence.

His view that there won’t be any update to the situation until “this money comes” is bleak reading indeed.

What is also bleak in its outlook is Nixon’s assertion that there will be a degree of concern with “whoever lined up this deal.”

On the face of it, it looks as if it is business as usual in the corridors of Pride Park regarding the issue of the takeover and its knock-on effect of the wages issue.

Will the takeover and wages situation at Derby County be sorted before or after the January transfer window close?


Announcement incoming.


Further wrangling.