Wigan Athletic were effectively relegated from the Championship the moment their new owner Au Yeung Wai Kay placed them into administration.

Administrators being called in meant that the Latics were easy prey for circling sides to pick them clean. Academy star after Academy star was swallowed up to bring money to the club.

Wigan and how they got into this situation

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That decision to place the Latics into administration meant an automatic points deduction. Wigan were relegated on the last day of the season courtesy of Barnsley beating Brentford with a late goal.

Indeed, the BBC reported that Yeung didn’t only place Wigan into a hasty administration, but he’d enquired about it before completing a purchase of the club.

Paul Cook left the club and the youngsters they had were picked clean by Premier League sides such as Brighton, Spurs and Leeds United.

The slide has continued and Wigan sit next-to-bottom and two points from safety in the League One table.

Failed takeovers and Nixon’s new hope

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Takeovers by their very nature are convoluted affairs; that is the case with the one at Wigan. The Latics are a viable concern and have had a lot of interest in them.

The Sun’s Alan Nixon has catalogued a lot of this including a bid by the prefered bidders, a Spanish group led by Jose Miguel Garrido Cristo, first stalling and then crumbling.

However, Nixon (tweet – below) make one comment that provides another welcome twist and possibly a new hope for Latics fans:

Commenting that a new group had entered into the reckoning for a takeover at the DW Stadium. News of this magnitude was bound to draw questions and, indeed, it did.

One question from a fan drew this quoted retweet from Nixon:

New people in the running? Newcomers to the chase? It all sounds very intriguing but the bottom line is that the administrators will hopefully now be able to source a new bidder to take on the beleaguered League One outfit.

Will this be good news for Wigan fans at last?




Disappointment incoming.