Not a lot was expected when team with the fewest home goals in the league hosted the team with the fewest away goals in the league at Roots Hall this afternoon.

Before kick off, just 2 points speared the two teams, Southend sitting in 6th position with Plymouth just behind the Shrimpers in 7th. Southend looked to extend their unbeaten run to 6 whilst Plymouth aimed to bounce back after their disappointing draw against York the previous week.

As expected, the game finished goalless but wasn’t short of chances with 23 being shared between the two sides, Southend having more of them. Neither team seemed to have a cutting edge over one another and just singled each other out. The battle between 6th and 7th in League 2 goes on.

Southend United

 Bentley- Not too many chances for him to deal with but stayed consistent throughout and saved a 1 on 1 early on with Alessandra. 7.0
 White- Intercepted a lot of opportunities when Plymouth tried to go down the wing, made some decent tackles. 7.5
 Thompson- Was Southend’s only recognised centre back on the field, had a few shaky moments but overall did a solid job. 7.0
 Binnom-Williams- Played in an unnatural position of left midfield today, looked more lively than usual and looked to start attacks. 7.0
 Coker- Stopped mostly everything that came his way, nearly put Plymouth through with a mistake in the second half but was quick to correct it. 7.5
 Deegan- Solid game as per usual, stopped everything and made some very good tackles. Also looked to start attacks with his range of passing. 8.0
 Leonard- Not his usual self today, had flurries of good spells but overall below par. 6.5
 Payne- Not the best game his had in a Southend shirt but has such a high standard so he was still influential and effective whilst on the field. 7.0
 Worrall- Looked very dangerous on the right wing and caused the Plymouth defence a lot of problems. Also set up a few opportunities. 7.5
 Pigott- Had a good debut, worked very hard and linked up play very well. 7.5
 Coulthirst- Caused a few problems to the Plymouth defence, worked hard, won the ball back and always looked to start attacks. 7.5


 Weston- Looked quite lively and quick off the mark when he came on, looked to start attacks and beat men on the wing. 6.5
 Atkinson- Didn’t really get into the game but was only given 5 minutes. 6.0


Plymouth Argyle

 McCormick- Had a very solid game, made a few very good saves which kept Plymouth in the game. 7.5
 Flanagan- Kept a good line in defence, won the ball and dispatched it effectively. 7.0
 McHugh- Had a decent game, tackled well and cleared the ball effectively when won. 7.0
 Nelson- Had a decent game, made a few good tackles and cleared the ball effectively when necessary. 7.0
 O’Connor- Had a decent game, won most things but sometimes struggled to contain the Southend attackers. 7.0
 Mellor- Did relatively well to contain Binnom Williams on the left wing, was sometimes beaten by him but most of the time won the ball back well. 7.0
 Banton- Looked lively down the left wing but sometimes found it hard to beat the Southend right back. 7.0
 Cox- Won the ball back well and played it off relatively effectively. 6.5
 Kellett- Struggled to deal with the pace of Worrall on the right wing, made a few decent tackles at times. 6.5
 Reid- Hasn’t been his usual self for a while, only had a couple of chances, never really got going but showed signs of being a threat. 6.5
 Alessandra- Looked quite lively and his pace was a problem to the Southend defence, but was found offside countless times. 7.0


 Blizzard- Looked to start attacks when he came on, caused a few problems for Southend but never really got right into his stride. 6.5
 Thomas- Wasn’t given very long so was hard for him to really change the game when subbed on. 6.0


Man of the Match

Gary Deegan- Played a very good game, cant think of any mistakes he made, every ball was made his and his passing was very accurate. 8.0

Match Highlights:

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