It is traditional for most players to announce retirement before their last game, walk on to a guard of honour, and off to an ovation, perhaps throwing boots, shirt etc. into the adoring fans.

But not every player gets their day in the sun. Many will leave a club in June, hoping for one last deal, one more pay-day, and when it gets to November, and they still haven’t found a club. They reluctantly announce a retirement on their social media platform, which, in many cases will go virtually unnoticed, as their post is lost in the midsts of the new Football Manager or FIFA launch.

These players deserve a bit of recognition, most of them will have played a decade or more in the EFL, maybe for one club, more likely for three or four, or even eleven clubs.

Some will now look to take jobs in coaching; others may become postal workers or kitchen fitters.

Let’s see if you can three-club some of the more recently retired ones!

Remember, you are picking the club they DIDN’T play for

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Son of Steve, Alex Bruce



You beast, well done


That’s a winning score, really


Must try harder


Demand a recount, you didn’t lose, you won the loss…