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Final hurdle for Derby County to end Middlesbrough dispute revealed

Derby County are going through torrid times and had been all last season as well. However, Alan Nixon says one issue could be cleared up soon.

Failed takeovers, enforced administration and subsequent point deductions clouded Derby County’s Sky Bet Championship last time out.

Battling all season long, the Rams were not helped by 21 points worth of deductions meted out by the EFL.

The subsequent result of those deductions was that Wayne Rooney’s side were relegated and will play League One football next season.

Middlesbrough awaiting Derby County settlement…

Middlesbrough issued a claim against Derby County after the Rams’ infringement of the EFL’s FFP protocols became apparent.

Central to these infringements of EFL policy was the valuation of Pride Park and its sale to Derby County owner Mel Morris.

Middlesbrough argued that by breaking EFL protocols in this way, the Teessiders were denied a play-off place in 2018/19.

Boro bosses argued that Derby County should have had points deducted them, a result that would have elevated Middlesbrough into a play-off place.

However, Derby County issued a statement in February stating that a deal had been reached with Middlesbrough owner Steve Gibson.

Nixon indicates issue holding up settlement…

Middlesbrough are yet to receive what is thought to be a £3million settlement from Derby County.

Nixon says that the reason for this is the central obstacle holding up Chris Kirchner’s takeover of the Rams – the sale of Pride Park.

The Sun man says that Gibson and Middlesbrough will receive their privately-agreed settlement “when he [Morris] sells Pride Park.


After last season’s shenanigans, Derby County need stability and certainty as they prepare for a campaign in League One.

A big part of this stability will be having a platform from which to build that is also stable.

The biggest boost to stability will be Kirchner’s takeover and that is held up by the ownership of Pride Park.

Reports have said that current owner Morris is being dogged over his £20 million valuation of the ground. He is refusing to waver or move from that figure.

Agreement on the purchase of Pride Park is paramount. Not only holding up Kirchner’s takeover but also Middlesbrough’s settlement agreed in February.

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