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QUIZ: Can you name the grounds that still have character?

The current trend for building new grounds, and calling them after the sponsors sickens me, I have toured football for many years, and love going to unique old builds. Where time has passed them by, they have character.

So many of these classic old stadiums have long since become shopping centres, or housing estates, replaced by edge-of-town developments with names which hardly strike fear into your opponent, who really wants to admit to playing at the ‘Dorothy Perkins Arena’ (that doesn’t actually exist, I didn’t want to pick one and offend a fan-base). Surely its better to have some character, perhaps a corner filled with an old house, or an entry through a garden pathway, maybe even have part of a stand missing due to a river, or railway being there first?

Buying your pie and pint from a cashless terminal may well be efficient, but the charm of a transport container with cut-out serving hatches doe it for me, although I remember a day in the Midlands where the pie was called ‘meat’ and I am still not sure what animal it was.

I have tried to find some of the oldest surviving grounds, and put a question on them, some names, some teams, but how well can you fare?

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