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Aston Villa transfer record to land Brentford star benefits Exeter City

Aston Villa smashed their transfer record today to land Brentford’s hotshot striker Ollie Watkins on a deal that starts at an initial fee of £28m which could rise to £33m in performance add-ons are met. It is big money coming out of Villa’s purse into Brentford’s coffers but it will also see Exeter City quids in according to DevonLive’s David Byrom.

There’s nothing that can really be said about Ollie Watkins that the general footballing public does not already know. The chief thing that stands out when thinking of Watkins is his goal tally for Brentford in the Championship.

Playing in the centre of a front-three, Watkins exploded for 26 goals and three assists. Those goals were 16 more than he managed in 2017/18 and 2018/19 when he scored just 10 in each campaign. That level of goal threat is enough to make any side dig deep when looking for a striker.

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It certainly convinced Villa to dig deep and £28m rising to £33m is digging deep by anyone’s stretch of the imagination. Yet, the Villans have committed to this amount for a player untested at Premier League level and with just the one stellar season of goals at Championship level.

However, as well as giving AstonVilla their spearhead striker and Brentford their wedge of cash, it also gives Exeter City a much-needed windfall thanks to the aforementioned sell-on clause. Devon Live’s Byrom said that this sell-on clause was set at 15%.

What that means for Exeter City is plain and simple: the Grecians will be guaranteed a £4.2m windfall based on Watkins purchase price of £28m with an added £750,000 potentially further down the line.

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