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IPSWICH: League One stops, so does Lambert go?

With League One clubs voting overwhelmingly to stop the season, what does this mean for the clubs who underachieved such as Ipswich Town? Before a ball was kicked, anything other than promotion would be considered a failure.

With yesterday’s news that League One will now only play out the play-offs, Ipswich Town will look to a second term in the third tier. The unweighted points-per-game method seeing the Suffolk Club finish 11th, the lowest finish since the fifties. To many, this is simply not good enough.

Finishing a little under 12 points short of the play-offs will not be received well in a fan-base already unhappy with how the campaign tailed off.

Social commentator and all-round clever bod, Joe Fairs of the Blue Monday Podcast team simply posted one thing:-

Twitter: Embarrassing (@joefairs)

Back in October, if you had told any Ipswich fan that promotion would not happen, they would have probably laughed in your face and, what with being regarded as a friendly bunch, offered you a drink for your humour. One month later, they may have started to agree with you, and if you had said it in January, or February they would certainly have finished your sentence for you.

And the sentence given to Ipswich today is to remain in League One,  this will dramatically impact any possible transfers, in or out, and personally I would expect attendances to also show a dip, what with the clever promotions during relegation actually bringing new fans in, they may not stay.  In fact, some very loyal fans see this season as a disaster and are calling for heads.

Club owner, the elusive Marcus Evans has already offered his opinions, having been an advocate of playing games, and supported by his friend and Peterborough owner Darragh MacAntony, the pair were in the minority.

In a move which many expected, no one will be shocked, however disappointed fans are already airing their thoughts on the subject.

Overall, it looks like only a handful of clubs wanted to try and play on, and it appears likely that those which benefit from the decision voted to stop, the top 6 all being well served on PPG, although those who felt they old still get in the playoffs such as Ipswich, Sunderland and Peterborough wanting to continue, Tranmere, at the other end also wished to continue, had been the form team before lockdown, escaping relegation was very much in reach.

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