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QUIZ – Did these EFL clubs win either Third Division North or South?

Everyone loves a quiz, gets the old grey matter ticking over. There’s always one category that blows away the fluff and really gets you thinking. Or there’s a trick question to really throw you – but that’s enough about ‘What big event happened in America on 31st June 1965?’

Football quizzes are always popular with me, it’s a knowledge-gaining exercise. For example, this one we did here on The72 on Sunday was about whether the named EFL sides had won back-to-back titles. If you haven’t done it yet – you should go test yourself after completing this quiz.

Anyway, this quiz is a simple Yes/No set of questions based on whether the named and pictured current EFL side has won either the Third Division North or Third Division South titles.

Take Wolverhampton Wanderers (yes, I know they aren’t an EFL team) they are the side pictured in the featured image. That shows them facing Tottenham Hotspur on 23rd April 1921 in the FA Cup Final at Stamford Bridge. Well, three seasons later they won the Third Division North title. They were the 3rd side to do so, following inaugural winners Stockport County and their successors in Nelson FC.

Anyway, on to the quiz and the simple question: Have [Team] won the Third Division [North/South] title?

Good luck.

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