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New FIFA document gives much hope to EFL sides amidst Coronavirus uncertainty

The COVID-19 virus is biting deep. Social distancing is the norm and has been instigated to help stem the flow of the virus. It is this measure that has curtailed football for the foreseeable future leaving many questions. A recent post by Football Insider answers one of these questions.

It is without a doubt that the current situation, what with the Coronavirus pandemic, is a situation which could be described as unprecedented in any of our lifetimes. You need to look back to 1918 and the H1N1 flu pandemic for any kind of comparison.

All sporting calendars are closed down in an effort to stop mass gatherings which could incubate and transmit the virus. Football, inevitably fell by the wayside and is not scheduled to restart until April 30 – a date many see as far too optimistic in light of the current situation. The closure of the current campaigns, with games left, has opened up many rifts and questions, alongside uncertainties such as what will happen to contracts? What about the transfer window? What about loan players?

It is the last question that Football Insider provide an answer for and it is an answer that all EFL clubs and their supporters will be happy to hear. In an article written by Wayne Veysey, Football Insider comment on a ‘leaked’ FIFA document that “cites the global pandemic (Coronavirus) as a force majeure” – a powerful situation that could not have been foreseen that affects, especially, contracts.

Veysey elaborates on what Football Insider has seen and comments directly about the FIFA document citing a heading titled ‘Expiring agreements (contracts) and new agreements’. Under this heading, he writes that FIFA propose to “extend all expiring current contracts until the season ends with new agreements delayed until the new season is underway.”

Veysey adds that these plans and ideas were “discussed by FIFA yesterday” and that a decision on their implementation could be made in the “coming weeks.” If put in place, like many expect that they will, the extension of loan deals beyond their usual June 30 deadline date will help all clubs in the EFL and active leagues below, where many up-and-coming players from EFL sides are sent out to learn their trade and be exposed to regular first-team football.

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