If you didn’t check the final score, you would be forgiven for believing that Ipswich Town lost to Shrewsbury Town, when in fact they won 2-1 in the last few throes of the action.

Now, we all know twitter is a troll-laden, negative place and you should not use it as a sole news source, but it is very hard to ignore at times, especially when your club has a vocal minority of negative commentators.

Thankfully, not all Town fans are negative, (see above). Yes, it was a poor performance, yes, it should have been a lot better, yes, two more midfielders are now injured and yes, we now host league leaders Hull City on Tuesday with a threadbare squad and a discontent fanbase.

Paul Lambert seemed irked in the post-match press conferences, when continually asked about “performance” he repeated the stock quotes “we kept going” and “its a hard game, it becomes ever harder when everybody just sits behind the ball” and seemingly infuriated at the line of questioning, he highlighted his comments post-match at both Lincoln City and Sunderland, where he believed Ipswich had played well without reward.

“Couldn’t have asked any more from them” has become Lamberts retort to any result, and added to this Paul refuses to be drawn on injury updates and views in general.

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The hard facts : Ipswich Town sit 3rd, two points off top, with a game in hand over 2nd placed Peterborough United.  Eight wins from twelve on twenty five points.

Most other fanbases would be loving it right now, but for some reason it isn’t good enough. Yes, we watch football for performances to excite us, but whilst we listen to radios, or watch streaming services instead of really being there, properly supporting our team, surely the win is paramount? We all remember Newcastle United’s “Sexy Football” where performing well in a loss seemed more important than the win, and at the end of that experiment? Relegation.

I hate to end on a much coined and misused quote, but, be careful what you wish for….

Where do you stand?

Wins are key

Points on the board, geto ut of League One

Entertain me

I want to be entertained, and hope we win.