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Bristol City in hunt for striker who will make immediate impact, says club’s CEO

The CEO of Bristol City has confirmed that the Robins want to bring in a new striker in January.

Mark Ashton has confirmed to Bristol Live the club’s priority for when the window opens on New Year’s Day but has admitted it will not be easy to bring in their ideal man.

When asked if there will be moves to recruit in January, Ashton said: “It would be remiss of me to say no, but it has to be right. The worst thing we can do is take the wrong one.

“What do we need in January? Well, we lost Benik Afobe. So, the logic is, if the right player is available in that position, then absolutely we look to recruit it. But I make no apologies for saying this, it has got to be the right one.”

Afobe, who was brought in from Stoke City on loan in the summer, has been out of action since injuring his knee in September and since then, the Robins average number of goals per game has reduced from two to just 1.18.

Although the need for a striker is apparent, Ashton has made it clear that the club will only bring in the right forward who fits into the club’s ethos.

He said: “He’s got to be someone who can make an impact and have an effect.

“Because what you what you’ve also got is you’ve got some good youngsters in the building who are who are coming through, and sometimes you can create the illusion that just because it’s a name that its better and the grass is greener and we can get them, when actually it’s not. So, it’s getting that balance.

“We’ve got a very tight group, a good group of humans where there was a hell of a lot of mission, vision, values, behaviours-setting done in Tampa.

“And what you don’t want is someone to come into that group who is totally against that and upsets that because that would undermine everything we’ve got. So, the person’s got to be a person fit.

“They’ve got to be physically capable of playing the way Lee [Johnson] wants to play. And they’ve got to be able to improve us.

“And what sits behind that, as you would imagine, is in a raft of technical information that Lee wants that the recruitment team work on.”

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