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Leeds United fans respond to Liam Gallagher tweeted comment

Liam Gallagher, through his time with Oasis and up to his present-day music incarnation, is a music icon. There is no need to argue any differently – he is just that.

His time in Oasis, with his brother and nemesis Noel, brought him worldwide fame and the hits that the Mancunian indie band had roll off the lips like musical honey. As well as fame, there is also a certain sense of infamy that is attached to him and his exploits.

Above all of that though, Liam Gallagher has remained true to his roots, true to where he’s from in his avid support of Manchester City. For him, Manchester is blue and blue only. That would pretty much justify his response to the following question from a fan on Twitter.

This question from a fan was obviously aimed at the Blue-supporting Gallagher and was aimed at whether the questioner’s father could trot up wearing the football shirt of the Citizen’s arch-rivals Manchester United. Gallagher himself was wise to this and tweeted the following:

In the ‘War of the Roses’ football rivalry that pits Leeds United against their bitter rivals from across the Pennines in Manchester United, it didn’t take Whites fans long to respond to Liam’s tongue-in-cheek tweet.

Some might say – Leeds United fans respond and comment to Liam Gallagher tweet

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