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What could Leeds United look like under QSI?

Speculation that a 10% minority share in Leeds United could be sold to QSI, the same owners who own Paris St. Germain is heating up. But the question is what are the possibilities for Leeds United? It’s rumoured that the 10% share could potentially lead to a full majority share being acquired by the Qatari based investors.

First of all, it’s important to remember that while Leeds United could have access to cash beyond other club’s wildest dreams, that FFP restricts the excessive spending seen in recent years in the Championship.

Should Leeds United be promoted under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa however, doors could really open for Leeds. Over the course of their first two seasons at PSG, QSI made a total player spend of around €200,000,000. The difference with Leeds United is the profitability that the Premier league offers.

Clubs in the Premier league can expect a minimum windfall from television rights just shy of the £100million mark. This allows the purchase of any player to be offset against this income in order to comply with Financial Fair Play rules. There are also other options available, stadium rights and sponsorship deals have been circumnavigated in recent years to allow a high stream of income which can again be offset against FFP.

It’s important to remember that a huge spend upon promotion does not guarantee success, as the likes of Fulham have found in recent years. Bielsa is loyal to his players and would certainly look for the spine of his team to remain intact.

The likelihood is that a stadium name change could be possible, something highly controversial among Leeds fans. However, with this Leeds United could have the power to compete for something not known since the days of Peter Risdale, European football.

The platforms of the likes of Manchester City have shown that in modern day football money certainly does bring success, with the club transformed since the injection of cash from their owners. Manchester City have gone from a team who could only dream of European nights, to one of the most successful sides in the world.

Along with investment Leeds would also have access to PSG’s pool of talent and some players could potentially find themselves making the trip from Paris to West Yorkshire, with loan deals another tool that can be used to circumnavigate rules. 

Do not expect any big name signings just yet if you’re a Leeds United fan, but if promotion can be attained, QSI could prove to be the springboard that launches Leeds United back to the pinnacle of English Football where they feel they belong.

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