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Peterborough United chairman reveals two pre-contract signings have been completed

Peterborough United chairman and co-owner Darragh MacAnthony has revealed that the club have completed two pre-contract signings ahead of the upcoming summer transfer window.

Speaking to the club’s YouTube channel, Peterborough United chairman and co-owner Darragh MacAnthony has revealed that the club have already completed two signings ahead of the summer transfer window.

MacAnthony said that they have completed pre-contract deals for two players in an interview with the club’s media team. He also added that he and manager Darren Ferguson will be going to Wales next week to watch players as they look to revive the club’s highly regarded policy of bringing in young and hungry players.

Speaking about the club’s recruitment process, MacAnthony revealed that their plans for next season are already in full flow, saying:

“We have a list of targets for next season and work has started on recruiting them. Darren tells us who he wants, (director of football) Barry Fry speaks to agents and clubs to see if we can do a deal and I give it the okay or not financially, We do our due diligence.

“Character is important to us and we’ve signed a couple of players who were wrong in that respect recently, that’s how we work. I might look at players myself, but that’s not me butting in, that’s me helping the manager. I am going to Wales next week to see players with Darren.

“We are allowed to talk to players now who are coming out of contract at the end of the season and Darren will then deliver a presentation of what his plans are. We’ve already signed two players on pre-contracts.”

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