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Leeds United fans round on ‘journalist’ tweet – weak trolling

Back an animal into a corner, it will look for a way out. Cornered animals are always dangerous, remember that.

So when ‘journanalist’ Martyn Macintyre posted the following tweet (below), it was bound to foster a reaction from Leeds United fans. Let’s be honest about this, it was cold, calculated trolling.

It was also far, far and further removed for anything that a ‘journalist’ would ever dream of writing. Well, unless they are somehow the David Brent of journalism, rather than the Citizen Kane version.

To put it all in context, here’s what we have. Leeds United were losing 1-0 to Middlesbrough, so creating the perfect storm of trolling by slinging in a reference to Spygate, calling Leeds United cheats and then greeting them with the epitaph of ‘Enjoy another year in the Championship.’

Leeds’ early season form has, of late, dropped off, and, indeed, their results have worsened. Whilst this has yet to see the Whites unduly suffer, it does load the chamber for guys like this to point the barrel at Whites fans. Chamber loaded, it is just a case of pointing the gun at the target…and waiting.

Weak as it was as trolling goes, it was seized upon by Leeds fans, fans who were quick to respond. Here’s how some of them reacted to the words of a troll who is very unlikely to be a journalist outside the confines of his own mind.

Cheats never prosper – Leeds United fans respond to trolling tweet

The last tweet pretty much summed up what a lot of Leeds United fans might have been thinking.

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