Bradford City are a side where many fans would have hoped for a season that pushed towards the playoffs rather than slid towrds relegation. However, it is the latter that applies as the Bantams continue to stumble from pillar to post like a punch-drunk boxer on their last legs – only pride holding them up.

That’s certainly the case today as the West Yorkshire outfit sit at half-time staring at the remains of a horror half of football and an abjectly awful 3-0 deficit. That was as bad as it got in the first-half but it could have been a whole lot worse.

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Luke Burgess (8′) opened the scoring for Salford and it was a lead doubled when Ian Henderson (21′) scored after a Tom Clarke assist. In time added-on at the end of the first-half, Burgess (45+1′) added to his early opener for his second of the afternoon and Salford’s 3rd.

Staring down the barrel of a big loss at the half, Stuart McCall’s response was immediate. Ben Richards-Everton, Harry Pritchard and Gareth Evans were hauled off and replaced by Dylan Mottley-Henry, Kian Scales and Levi Sutton. Three bold changes made by the wily Scot in an all-or-nothing approach to the second period.

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As the second period wore on, the goal haemorrage seemed to have stopped but the damage had already been done with the three-goal opening half blast. It was a game that was to see the Bantams drop to 18th position with just 13 points on the board – eight points away from the play-off places.

It was a Salford win that moved the ‘Class-of-92’ run side to 9th on 19 points and just two points shy of the last playoff place currently in the grasp of Exeter City.

It was a loss that has defintely gotten Bradford City fans on Twitter already and they are definitely critical of what they’ve seen from today’s performance. He is a selection of responses from Bantams fans.


Are Bradford City fans right to complain at today's efforts against Salford City?


Totally right to complain.


Teams trying its best.