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Leeds United food bank initiative a massive success

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to afford to go to the football on a match day. For some, more important issues are prominent in their lives than watching 11 men kick around what is essentially a bag of air.

One of the things massively on the rise in today’s world of ever-rising prices and ever-tightening belts is food poverty. Faced with having to make less stretch increasingly further, many families are faced with the need to rely on food banks to put meals on the table and food in their stomachs.

Families, in today’s society, are having to rely on the kindness of strangers to feed themselves. This is not happening in some Third World country with the likes of Bob Geldof and Bono asking you to donate what you can. This is happening in Britain today and, without getting too political and finger-pointing, is something that you’d really not expect to be happening in a G8 country.

Yet it is. And it will continue to do so. Yet, amongst this bleakness, food banks are able to provide comfort to many. That ‘comfort’ is something that the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust (LUST) are pushing fans to contribute to with an absolutely fantastic initiative.

Asking fans to drop off donations before every home match, even they can’t have predicted the generosity, and spirit, in which Leeds United fans responded (below):

The numbers speak for themselves, 35 crates of food that will be a massive help for the Leeds South and East and Leeds North and West foodbanks. Above and beyond that though, and an even more impressive number, is that 413kg of food will be going out into the community to help those in need.

It is a joint initiative, organised and promoted by LUST, that has the backing of Leeds United themselves. However, and more importantly, it is something that Leeds United fans have taken onboard and really identified with. It is also an initiative that is welcomed by the Leeds South and East foodbank, as the following video shows.

As well as the 413kg of essential food, the foodbank also say that £200 in cash was raised through donations from Leeds United fans attending Saturday’s game against Nottingham Forest.

It is an initiative that is set to continue, an initiative that is set to have a lasting effect over the course of this season. Poverty isn’t going to go away. Neither is generosity judging by the contributions that Leeds United fans made Saturday gone.

Another indication that the terrace chant ‘All Leeds Aren’t We’ carries a much, much deeper significance than something sung only on a match day.

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