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Ipswich Town and Norwich City set to ban fans who post offensive messages on social media

Ipswich Town and Norwich City have combined forces and plan to ban any supporter who posts offensive messages on social media according to their club website.

Due to the rivalry between the two clubs, things often get heated between the two fan bases. This has been exacerbated by the emergence of social media which allows fans to interact with each other far more easily than in the era of message boards. While some of this interaction is simply fun and amusing banter which increases the enjoyment of the match for all involved, some go too far and send offensive material to other fans in an attempt to get a reaction.

That is why both clubs despite their rivalry are uniting to make sure fans stop sending abusive messages to each other. Both Ipswich and Norwich have vowed to hand people who send offensive, abusive or discriminatory messages on social media stadium bans in an attempt to try and prevent more posts of this type over the next few months.

Norwich’s City Managing Director Steve Stone said: “The East Anglian derby is one of the great rivalries in English football and one to be enjoyed and celebrated in the right spirit by everybody connected with both clubs. We’re all looking forward to the latest instalment when we host Ipswich later this month.”

“Unfortunately, however, when we last met at Portman Road in October there was some material posted on social media, by a tiny minority of fans of both clubs, which has no place in modern football or society in general.”

“We are therefore determined to unite with Ipswich Town in dealing with this sort of material and we will issue stadium bans where we deem it appropriate. Of course in some cases, posts of this nature may fall into the realms of criminal offence and could also lead to police action.”

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