Leeds United, Five things we learned about Leeds United after 4-3 Millwall loss

Five things we learned about Leeds United after 4-3 Millwall loss

Dr Jekyll meet Mr Hyde – both sides of one Leeds United

Like Yin and Yang, Leeds United showed both sides of their conjoined/inseparable nature yesterday in the close defeat to Millwall. In the first half, the Whites raised the white flag of surrender and turned into a version of Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll – albeit one without the redeeming features of the original Jekyll. In the face of a determined Millwall side, Leeds initially flashed back in the opening exchanges, before essentially rolling over and letting their bellies be tickled by Steve Morison. Of all people, Steve ‘Shift’ Morison.

Second half and the Whites were transformed into the snarling beat that was Jekyll’s alter-ego, his evil other side in Mr Hyde. It was a surging performance in the opening of the second half, a crescendo of attack after attack, goal after goal. Leeds flooded forwards and Millwall were rocking every time like a supremely confident boxer suddenly clocked on the end of his chin by a tired opponent.

Leeds were a joy to watch in that second half, all industry, fire and passion. The Mr Hyde part is what Leeds United fans want to see…not the meekness of Dt Jekyll.

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