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PRICE OF FOOTBALL: How much does Championship football cost?

In recent seasons the price of football has seemed to be going up and up every season. But following the new £600m EFL TV rights deal have owners done the right thing and put ticket prices down? Or have they risen again?

Season Ticket Prices

This season, despite the TV rights deal, we saw season ticket prices increase on average across the Championship. The Cheapest average season ticket rose by £1.87 from £335.15 to £337.02. Norwich City (£856.50) and Ipswich Town (£842) have second and third most expensive season tickets. But the most expensive season ticket by a country mile can be bought at Fulham at a price of almost £1000! (£929 to be exact). Although Fulham have the most expensive, they also have the third cheapest at £254. Hull have the second cheapest at £252 but Birmingham City have the cheapest season ticket by quite a bit at a price of just £230. That works out at just £10 per match!

Match Day Ticket Prices

Match day tickets are more expensive than season tickets over the course of season but not everyone can make enough games to warrant purchasing a season ticket, so how much are individual match day tickets? On average ,across the Championship, the price of match day tickets actually went down by £0.17p from £36.13 to £35.96. The dearest adult match day ticket can be found at Fulham at an utterly ridiculous £50! But on the hand, the cheapest match day ticket can be found at Hull City at just £12 which is unarguably great value for money.

Away Ticket Prices

Across the Championship the average away match ticket is £31.69 which is a joke considering the average Premier League away ticket costs over £2 less at £29.50! The Twenties Plenty campaign are doing their best to get this changed but so far they’ve not been able to change anything within the Championship or the EFL in general.

Programmes, Pies and Cup of Teas

Leeds United are the only club to increase programme prices as they raised them from £3 to £3.50. Which is slightly above the average of £3.10.

Burton Albion sell the cheapest pies in the league at very reasonable prices of £2.80 but, along with the most expensive match day tickets and season tickets, Fulham have the most expensive pie at £4.20.

Burton Albion also have the cheapest cup of tea at just £1.50. The most expensive cup of teas are at Sheffield Wednesday and Bristol City which costs a pound more at £2.50.

Replica Kit

Aston Villa sell the most expensive adult kit which costs £55. Burton Albion sell the cheapest adult kit at £39.99. Middlesbrough and Aston Villa sell the most expensive junior replica shirts at £45 whereas Sheffield Wednesday sell the cheapest junior replica shirt at just £25. The only clubs to reduce their replica shirt prices are Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland. Every other club in the league either froze or increased their adult and junior replica shirt prices.



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