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Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday break world record for biggest cake ball

Sheffield Wednesday have broken the world record for making the biggest cake ball after baking one that came in at a massive 285KG according to a tweet from their official account.

Even though the Owls have not got off to the best start, they only won once in August, there was still a party to be had because of their 150th anniversary taking place this year. And so, the club delayed their usual summer bash ‘Owls in the Park’ to September. They also made the choice to make it longer so they could end the night with fireworks, rather than just ending in the Afternoon as it usually does.

And because you need a cake for your birthday, the club decided to make the biggest one possible for such a massive birthday. And so while the team might not break any records on the pitch this season, they have broken one record this year by making the biggest cake ball ever seen, weight in at 285KG. It didn’t last long however as people who visited Owls in the Park could nip into the 1867 Lounge to get a slice.

However even though this world record was a bit of fun designed to get a bit more attention on Sheffield Wednesday’s 150th anniversary celebrations, some did take it as a chance to have a pop at the club. Some fans believe the celebrations have been ruined by the delay in release of the home kit and others just couldn’t care less about the iced delight.

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