Charlie Taylor, Former Leeds United player comments on Charlie Taylor no show

Former Leeds United player comments on Charlie Taylor no show

Betrayal is a very strong word to use, but that is what Charlie Taylor’s refusal to play for Leeds United today feels like to loyal Whites fans.

The skinny of it is that Charlie Taylor, in what many Leeds United fans expected to be his last appearance for the club, simply refused to play. Just like that, turning around and saying that he wasn’t willing to play.

Confirming the rumours that were buzzing around social media when Taylor’s ‘no show’, head coach Garry Monk called Taylor’s refusal to play “unacceptable.” That word, and much worse, have been bandied around by disappointed fans. However, in cases like this the more meaningful criticism often comes from your peers.

That is exactly the case with what Simon Walton tweeted (below), adding “disgusting” and “unacceptable” to the pantheon of words being bandied around and associated with Charlie Taylor and his decision.

Walton started out his career at Elland Road, moving from the Under-18s to the first team at the start of the 2004/05 campaign, staying at the Whites for two seasons and leaving for Charlton at the opening of the summer 2006 transfer window for a fee around £575,000. In total, Walton turned out 34 times for Leeds United, scoring three times in the process.

Since then, 29-year-old Walton has moved around in a career that is that of the clichéd ‘journeyman pro’ – turning out for Guiseley in the National League, who are his 15th side. 15th they might be, but that hasn’t stopped the former Whites midfielder adding a personal opinion to the growing criticism of Leeds left-back.

Snapshot of Leeds United fan opinions over Taylor refusal to play

Firstly this response to an addendum that Simon Walton posted as a reply to his original tweet.

Walton answers that he “wasn’t given a choice from a certain owner at the time,” but the opposite is the crux of the matter in the case of Charlie Taylor. He had a choice, and he made it – upsetting fans in the process.

The fact that there are often ‘Wormtongues’ in as player’s ear is a common thing that fans are picking up on.

Away from Walton’s comment, the ‘betrayal’ is still raw for Leeds United fans – self before side NEVER appreciated at Elland Road.

Here’s a tweet from a Pigeon Detective, the motive of his post is plain to see.


Here’s a word of warning from one Leeds United fan to his fellow football followers of West Brom – a case of ‘better the Devil you know’?

There’re a lot of Leeds fans hanging out the ‘club that pays your wages’ line and adding how disgusting Taylor’s actions have been in regard to this.

Yorkshire Evening Post reporter Phil Hay gives at least a crumb of satisfaction to fans like Josh (above) with the following tweet.

In all seriousness, the buzzword ‘legacy’ gets thrown around far too often and far too easily at times. But the way that Taylor has basically turned his back on the club that has set him on the path to his future in football, that is definitely a case of crossing the Rubicon and burning all bridges that took you there. Yes, Taylor, like Phil Hay says, will be disciplined, but the lasting effect is that Leeds United fans will long remember the hurt and disappointment of being let down by one that they were proud to call their own.

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