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Roland Duchatelet will remain owner of The Valley at Charlton after takeover

The terms of an ownership transition with the Australian Consortium interested in buying Charlton Athletic will involve Roland Duchatelet still owning the ground of the Addicks, their spiritual home, The Valley.

It was unveiled by the Mail Sport on Tuesday evening that an Australian Consortium, which goes by the name of Australian Football Consortium LTD are interested in buying the red Southeast London outfit.

The main headline at the moment is that the consortium is in the process of raising £20 million capital to fund a takeover, which would launch Charlton out of a very dark chapter in their history.

In the original reporting by the Mail Sport, they specified that Charlton Athletic as a “club” and the training ground, Sparrows Lane, based in Eltham, would be part of the £20 million purchase.

However, Charlton fans, who are rightly pessimistic and skeptical with the traumatising experience they have had with Duchatelet, questioned as to the reason for why The Valley had not been specified as part of the valuation in their article.

We can now confirm that the Australian Football Consortium LTD have no intention of purchasing The Valley, the spiritual home and holy ground of the Addicks, and will remain under Duchatelet ownership.

We understand that a lease arrangement will be put in place so that Duchatelet can continue to generate cash flow from a failing football project he created.

The information received has come from Sam Morshead, an online writer for the Mail Sport.

When the news first arose I was very skeptical as to why an arrogant, and stubborn Belgian millionaire had finally capitulated to a number as low as £20 million for Charlton Athletic? Especially seeing as we owe a number around £55 million to his parent company Staprix HV.

However, all has become clear now. He originally purchased everything involved with Charlton Athletic back in 2014 at £14 million, he will now sell Charlton Athletic, and the training ground, without The Valley for £20 million.

Roland Duchatelet will ensure he has the last laugh. The fight is not over until every part of Duchatelet is a distant memory in Southeast London.

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