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Takeover rumours are not dead and Duchatelet is still in the process of selling Charlton

The protest group, Belgium Twenty, who has had contact and communication with the controversial owner, Roland Duchatelet, has confirmed on Twitter, that the Belgian electronics mogul is in the process of selling the red Southeast London Outfit.

Last month, rumours and speculation of Roland Duchatelet finally breaking under the pressure of fan protests for him to sell Charlton Athletic became rather apparent.

There were too many signs to think otherwise. The Chief Executive Officer, Katrien Meire, was missing from the Directors’ Box on several occasions, at the time Charlton had still not released any form of 2017/18 season ticket prices, former Liverpool striker, now football consultant, Ronnie Rosenthal was flown in by helicopter to Sparrows Lane and toured around The Valley, South London Press writer Richard Cawley confirmed that there had been official rumblings that something was taking place, and this was also backed up by Fanzine editor, Rick Everitt.

However, some have begun to wonder if the takeover will ever happen and if it was in fact just speculation and rumour which had got carried away.

The protest group, Belgium Twenty, who are separate from the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD), but work closely in an alliance, said all members of their protest group had spoken to Duchatelet and were confident he was in the process of selling.

They made clear that they are on the frontline and that they have spoken with Duchatelet. They tried to assure Charlton fans that not long is left until the sale takes place, but also urged fans not to give up on their club and walk away.

However, they did make clear that they can only report on solid facts, which they do not have, but from all their members speaking with Duchatelet, they are in unanimous agreement that he is in the process of removing the club from his investment portfolio.

They finished their social media announcement stating that they fired a warning shot at Duchatelet, making clear that he must completely sell, and can no longer have any form of involvement at the club, emphasising that he knows what happened when he owned Standard Liege, whereby the fans drove him out by force, and that the protests would continue at Charlton if he was to stick around in any form.

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