Chris Wood, Leeds United and Chris Wood: £3 million, 24 goals and more

Leeds United and Chris Wood: £3 million, 24 goals and more

Leeds United fans, frustrated by what seemed a ‘barn door’ approach from Kiwi striker Chris Wood, began to turn on him early in the season. Barracking from the terraces was soon stopped, with the goals starting to flow.

Wood was obviously frustrated at the manner of the barracking that he was receiving, his reaction to a last-minute, overhead-kick equaliser against Fulham at Elland Road was testament to that. Running in front of the Kop, Wood cupped his ear in mock criticism of what the fans had been sounding him out for.

Since then the love for Wood from the Leeds United faithful has been palpable, the Kiwi captain on fire. Goal after goal, side after side, the lone frontman for the Whites is in imperious form and seemingly unstoppable. Up front, ploughing the lone striker furrow, Chris Wood is like a juggernaut for opposition centre-backs to contend with.

It’s not just the headline figure of 24 goals that Leeds United fans should see as impressive although, of course, it is. Chris Wood is more than that, much more. His 24 goals have come in 20 different games and against 18 of the other 23 Championship sides.

Those 24 goals are making a mockery of the £3 million price tag that it cost Leeds to bring in Chris Wood from Leicester City. £3 million – 24 goals, £125,000 per goal – that’s the breakdown of the importance that Chris Wood is for this Leeds United side. At the moment, and it’s likely that he’ll score more this season, his 24 goals are almost single-handedly buying Leeds United a Play-Off place.

Which got me to thinking, what else could £125,000 buy you?

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