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Claims that former Aston Villa striker denied access to USA due to Trump’s muslim ban

Pundit Richard Keys has claimed on his Twitter account that former Aston Villa striker Dwight Yorke has been banned from entering the USA due to President Donald Trump’s recent ‘muslim ban’.

Yorke, who is most famous for playing for Manchester United but has also competed for current Sky Bet Championship sides Aston Villa, Birmingham City and Blackburn Rovers, now works as both an ambassador to United as well as a pundit for Iranian broadcaster BeIN Sports.

He had been working for BeIN Sports most recently, with Yorke commenting on Manchester United’s 3-0 win over St Etienne in the Europa League. He then tried to access the USA on Friday morning, but was allegedly denied entry to the country due to the Iranian stamp on his passport.

The reason mooted by Keys for this denial of entry was due to the travel ban that President Donald Trump placed upon people travelling from countries with so-called high risk levels. This includes the likes of Syria, Libya, Somalia and Iran.

However this ban was recently reversed when a federal court struck it down, with Trump declaring at a press conference yesterday that they would not continue fighting the reversal in court and instead replace it with a modified travel ban. Despite this, Keys has claimed that when Yorke landed in Miami this morning, he was denied entry into the country due to the Iranian stamp in his passport. More details are expected to emerge in the next few hours where the truth of the matter might emerge.

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