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Radio Leeds commentator calls Huddersfield player Palmer “yellow” – angry response

As the game itself between Huddersfield Town and Leeds United edges deeper into the record books, the controversy and fallout from it remains firmly in the public eye.

After the bench-clearing touchline fracas, the FA have until close of business later today to decide of their manner of handling the bump-and-go between Garry Monk and David Wagner that ended with the two sent to the stands and a flourishing of yellow cards.

The likelihood of that particular contretemps is that both managers, should they face FA charges, will likely be facing further time away from the dugouts and in the stands for their varying indiscretions on Sunday.

But the fallout from the game still continues to have an effect and some of this found its way onto BBC Radio Leeds’ West Yorkshire Sport daily programme yesterday at 6p.m. yesterday evening (bottom of page)

Discussing the players who’d had an effect, main host Gareth Jones said of Huddersfield Town player Kasey Palmer (12:38 into the video – below), who went off injured to be replaced by the opening scorer Isaiah Brown: “Palmer’s is…has been a class player for Town this season but I think we saw a little bit of his…I say true colours, a little bit ‘yellow’ maybe in him.”

This comment drew an instant defence and criticism from Huddersfield Town match commentator Paul ‘Oggy’ Ogden, who was part of the show via a phone-in link. Talking over host Jones, who was intimating that Palmer didn’t fancy the physical demands after being kicked around a little by Ronaldo Vieira, Ogden said: “No! No Gaz! You’re wrong Gaz!”

Ogden went on to explain that Palmer had “hamstring problems”, something that was bluntly met with Jones saying: “Well he shouldn’t have played then!” Oggy then went on to talk about the ball that Palmer played to put new signing Colin Quaner in, a pass that almost resulted in a goal, saying the Huddersfield loanee was the only player on the pitch able to see that particular pass, the player only going off when his hamstrings went.

However, host Jones was not to be assuaged and relit the blue-and-white touchpaper saying that David Wagner had “got that wrong then” playing an obviously unfit player in the derby game. Oggy wasn’t ready to let it go easily and responded with: “Not in the slightest, not in the slightest. One for the other,” when talking of Wagner’s policy of always having a player ready to step in and deputise for a player needing to go off.

The Huddersfield Town match commentator then rounded off his defence of the substituted Terrier by referring back to host Gareth Jones and saying: “But to call Kasey Palmer yellow Gaz is utterly contemptible. You’re wrong!”

BBC Radio Leeds ‘West Yorkshire Sport Daily’ – 06 February 2017

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