In a fight against bowel cancer, the Bobby Moore Fund have challenged the public to wear their favourite shirt, donate and get it trending to raise funds and awareness to tackle a horrible disease that has affected many. To find out more click here.

So, in honour of this brilliant idea, I thought I would judge the best home shirts in The Championship, League 1 and League – all can be found on the website.

24th – QPR

Unfortunately, QPR are last in my list, or first, however you want to look at it. This shirt looks like it is incomplete, with the shoulders having nothing on it and it all being one colour. The sponsor being red too also looks completely misplaced. If you are wearing a QPR home kit today for the Bobby Moore Fund – you really are doing above and beyond.

George Wood/Getty Images Sport

23rd – Derby County

Derby County have tried to go minimalistic, but instead, have produced a very boring shirt. Reminiscent of The Rams on the pitch this season, they have completely missed the mark with this one.

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images Sport

22nd – Wycombe Wanderers

Yet again, Wycombe are in the relegation zone, unfortunately. They would be much higher in my ranking if it was not for the sponsor. The whole kit draws you to the middle, where there lies a horribly misplaced sponsor with awkward colours, such a shame.

Alex Davidson/Getty Images Sport

21st – Nottingham Forest

The colour scheme and design are fine, nothing I have not seen before, but it’s fine. Forest fans have QPR to blame for being so low, as their home kit is a complete carbon copy of QPR’s away kit, and for that reason – I’m out.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Sport

20th – Rotherham United

Rotherham United have failed to branch out even a little bit yet again. For me, there is nothing particularly wrong with this shirt, it just looks like almost every kit they have had for the past few years.

Alex Pantling/Getty Images Sport

19th – Luton

I feel quite harsh with this one, but from here on out, there isn’t a kit I dislike. Luton have pulled the short straw as I don’t like the odd trimmings on the sleeves at all and the shirt is quite bare.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Sport

18th – Huddersfield Town

The Terriers are in 18th, I absolutely love the throwback of having no sponsor, evidently, it makes a huge difference. Other than that, there is not much else I like about the kit. The stripes are too large for me and there is nothing else lovable about the shirt.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images Sport

17th – Barnsley

Not a bad shirt at all. Lovely red colour as the base of the shirt, but it is seriously lacking depth and can also look bare. No complaints from me.

Alex Pantling/Getty Images Sport

16th – Brentford

For a team who have a reputation for flair within their team, their kit fails to be on the same wavelength. I do like the all-red sleeves and the width of the stripes, but the sponsor takes up too much of the kit and looks awkward on it. Mid-table finish for The Bees.


Alex Burstow/Getty Images Sport

15th – Cardiff City

As subtle as it is, I love the wavy horizontal stripes on this shirt, but I must address the elephant in the room. Another Cardiff City kit has been lost to a Malaysia sponsor. One day, Cardiff will be done justice with a more normalised sponsor.

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images Sport

14th – Sheffield Wednesday

I admire Sheffield Wednesday going for something different, to what extent they hit the vision they were looking for is another story, but I like the design in the blue stripes. I also like the button and logo of their kit manufacturer.

David Rogers/Getty Images Sport

13th – Blackburn Rovers

I am unaware of how this shirt was received by Rovers fans, but I must admit, I like the sponsor on it. It fits the colour scheme of the kit nicely. Furthermore, the collar adds to the clean look Umbro have gone for. I’m a fan of it.

Lewis Storey/Getty Images Sport

12th – Norwich City

Certainly to my surprise, Norwich City went for a simplistic kit this season, which was a brilliant decision. The designs on the trimmings of the sleeves and at the top of the kit are brilliant, as are the subtle vertical lines going down the shirt.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images Sport

11th – Middlesbrough

The Middlesbrough kit is one of their best home kits produced by them in years, in my opinion. Unfortunately, there is not much competition and once again, the sponsor lets it down. However, the design, the collar and the logo of Hummel suits. Top half finish for Boro.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Sport

10th – Reading

It always helps when you start the season off to a flyer, but this Reading kit does their team’s performances justice. The stripes are clean and effective, the sponsor doesn’t look out of place and the collar just tips off a lovely shirt. Top stuff.

Warren Little/Getty Images Sport

9th – Stoke City

I have had to bump up the position of the Stoke City shirt, because for once, I like their home kit. They successfully managed a neat kit without it looking boring. Macron have made some tidy kits this season.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images Sport

8th – Millwall

And it’s a hat-trick! Macron have three consecutive kits in a row, all having a successful season, but just missing out on the play-offs. Not often does a sponsor add to a shirt, but for Millwall, it does just that. Very neat kit for a team filled with middle-parting haircuts.

James Chance/Getty Images Sport

7th – Coventry City

Coventry went adventurous for their eagerly awaited return to The Championship, and they have my respect for that. I think the sky blue colour is lovely and the design at the bottom of their kit is brilliant. The transition of the design to the standard sky blue kit could have been better though.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Sport

6th – Bristol City

Bristol City have smashed it with this one, the design on the shoulders, the trimming around the edge of the kit and the dark red base of the kit making it look like it has been made from velvet is immaculate. A terrific modern kit.

Michael Steele/Getty Images Sport

5th – Bournemouth

I am often a fan of Bournemouth’s kits, but none have impressed me more than this. The splattered paint breaking up the traditional stripes is expertly faded and significantly stands out to the majority of kits in this division.

Marc Atkins/Getty Images Sport

4th – Swansea

The unusual wavy design at the bottom of the shirt, placed on top of a neat all-white kit really works together, a bold move that paid off. Also, a lovely touch having the sponsor as Swansea university. The sponsor managed to promote their own university in two languages and it still looks good – impressive.

Harry Trump/Getty Images Sport

3rd – Preston

If it wasn’t for the sponsor Preston would have won the division undefeated, however, the 32 Red in a completely different colour to the rest of the kit has brought them down to a play-off place. The all-white kit and collar, merged with navy sleeves next to a Nike logo is gorgeous.

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images Sport

2nd – Watford

No, this is not a Japanese rising sun, it is indeed a Watford 2020/2021 home kit. This has split opinion, and I myself didn’t like the shirt originally, but over time I have grown to love it. It is clearly a memorable kit, the design on the shoulders is excellent and the whole colour scheme is perfect. The Hornets bounce straight back up to the Premier League.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Sport

1st – Birmingham

There are only two differences between the Birmingham and Preston kit, however, it was enough to win the division. The symmetrical triangular design on the kit mixed with a lovely collar and a bike logo. This kit really has it all, such a shame Jude Bellingham couldn’t be there to wear it, maybe he can see it in person in his very own stand.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images Sport