, Opinion: Why #Bteamboycott is absolutely crucial

Opinion: Why #Bteamboycott is absolutely crucial

Football league fans across the country are again set to unite in protest about the current format of the Checkatrade trophy. (previously JPT.

With the only likely venture to Wembley, aside from the Play-Offs, being taken away from clubs in League One and League Two, fans have been boycotting the tournament so far, in protest at the change of competition. That is set to continue tonight.

Below are some tweets from football league fans acknowledging their thoughts on the game tonight.



The sad reality is that this previous success opportunity for lower league clubs has been potentially sacrificed, for this season, at the expense of an unlikely gamble by the FA and the other governing bodies.

Despite the recent announcement, that B teams will never play a part in the future of English domestic leagues, the principal behind the boycott just has to maintain the same.

IF people backed this format, then this would give the governing bodies the authority and ambition to do something similar again, making lower-league football even more irrelevant in their priorities,

We will all admit, that with all the financial benefits and commercial revenue coming from the top league, the lower leagues have become a victim of commercialisation. There just isn’t enough money in that area of football for it to really have a long-term future, the way we see it now.

That has been caused by the top flight and the powers that be. Lower league football, as we know it, will continue to diminish unless fans begin to have their say. Tonight’s approach is just the start.

Football league fans have a long war ahead, even though this particular battle is already won

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