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EFL rules out Premier League B team introduction

After meeting the 72 clubs in a meeting today (22nd September), the English Football League has confirmed that they have now ruled out any plans to introduce Premier League B teams into any plans of restricting English football.

It was also revealed that ‘clubs from non-English leagues or those outside of the English football pyramid’ will also not be considered to be involved in any future developments of the ‘Whole Game Solution’. That means the likes of Celtic and Rangers will not be playing in the English Football League, which had been muted in the past.

The idea was brought forward last summer during the Annual General Meeting, headed by the EFL Board, but a meeting today has since quashed such talk and they will now focus their attentions on other ways to keep the English football structure current and up to scratch. Such ideas include regionalising leagues, restructuring of the divisions and where the additional teams for a proposed ‘League Three’ would come from. It looks likely they would come from National League clubs. Voting on these matters will take place in June 2017.

One other talking point was regarding a winter break. The 72 EFL clubs all conclusively agreed that they are not in favour of a winter break and want to continue playing through December and January.

EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey had this to say,

“At the very outset of this process it was made clear that any decisions in respect of the future direction of the Whole Game Solution would be taken by clubs themselves and our announcement today comes as a result of their valued input. I am extremely grateful for their candour and support during the first part of this consultation that will ultimately help shape a final proposal for voting on in June next year.

“The logical place for many was to source the additional teams for League Three from the National League but we felt it important that the debate was introduced at an early stage and an opportunity was provided for all Club owners’ and executives’ to voice any opinions and, where applicable, table concerns. We will now continue our consultation with the National League with a little more certainty as to what any change could mean for them. These conversations will include the FA in their capacity as the Governing Body not a competition organiser.

“In addition, our dialogue will continue with the Premier League as we focus on ensuring we achieve our specific and primary objective of improving distributable revenue to our clubs and reaching a format that benefits the EFL, its competitions and the wider professional game.

“The next round of consultation will also see us undertake some work with fan groups and other stakeholders to ensure that those people who are invested in the future our game are given an opportunity to register their views.”

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