, Leeds United: further conflict between Cellino and Taylor’s agent

Leeds United: further conflict between Cellino and Taylor’s agent

Massimo Cellino is like Mount Etna, a volcano about to go off. Everyone knows that, he is a bubbling, seething cauldron of lava prone to explode at any given moment. As has been mentioned previously in the press, there have already been issues between Cellino, Charlie Taylor and Taylor’s agent Colin Pomford.

In a Mirror article from July 7 this year, Cellino berated Taylor and his agent Pomford for allegedly snubbing the Leeds owner’s attempts to discuss fresh terms for left-back Taylor at Elland Road – his contract due up at the end of this season.

Reacting angrily to this, Cellino vowed that he’d rather lose Whites’ star Taylor on a Bosman free at the season’s end rather than acquiesce and sell him during the season. On this, Cellino told the Mirror: “I’m very disappointed with the way he has acted,” Cellino told Mirror Sport. “We are not going to let him go. Trust me! For almost one year, I’ve been trying to get him to sign a new contract.The agent is the same as Sam Byram’s. But I promise, even if we lose him at the end of the season for free, I’m not selling him.”

For his part, Charlie Taylor kept his head down and got on with the footballing side of things, doing the hard yards on the training pitches and the work in the pre-season games. However, after the final pre-season friendly against Italian Serie A side Atalanta, Charlie Taylor handed in a transfer request on Sunday evening, a request that was summarily dismissed by the club, on Tuesday.

With relations already strained between the Cellino and Taylor/Pomford camps, it would not take much to ignite the situation, anything could act as a catalyst to an eruption of anger or a worsening of relations. This catalyst could very well have sparked according to Joe Rawson in a Facebook Live Q&A on the TV Yorkshire Facebook page this morning.

When speaking about the Charlie Taylor scenario, Rawson coloured the situation with a little background detail and added a recent update to it. It’s this ‘update’ that could very well leave the Cellino and Taylor/Pomford with an ever-widening chasm between the two sides.

Rawson said that there is no contact between Cellino and Pomford, who refuse to talk to each other, which presumably makes contact between the two a tad difficult when it comes to discussing matters pertaining to Taylor. This is something Rawson mentions in the Q&A saying: “How can they negotiate on a deal for Taylor to leave the club? How can they negotiate on a new contract? Until that gets resolved then…it’s a sticking point.”

Pomford, Charlie Taylor’s agent, is based in Spain, something Rawson says is also a problem when trying to discuss Taylor’s situation at the club. However, it is the following instance that Rawson says has soured the relationship even further. Speaking of a planned meeting of the parties, Rawson said: “As far as I understand, he was due to meet up with Mansford and Cellino, Taylor’s agent, last week and never turned up and, again, that’s created an even bigger gap between the parties.”

Case of blue touch paper lit and retreat? It could well be.

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