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Norwich unveil 3rd kit – football fans react

In all fairness, EVERY club likely has a kit that fans remember with a shudder and have tried to block from their memory as a darkened period of the club’s history.

Kids excited at receiving the ‘new shirt’ faced that awkward ‘Christmas jumper from Gran’ moment when they opened their eyes to be faced with the monstrosity they’d been secretly giggling at with their friends. Ingenious excuses are made up as to the “why aren’t you wearing your new top?” question from parents.

It ends up buried at the bottom of a pile of washing to-do, until it becomes a blur on parental memory and it can be shoved to the back of a darkened cupboard, never to see the light of day again.

This is Norwich’s recently-revealed 3rd kit, one that the club says is “inspired by history.” It is safe to say that fan reaction has been swift and, like the punishment of decapitation practised by the Roman legion commanders, has been carried out mercilessly.

Norwich’s ‘historic’ 3rd kit – fan reactions

Forget about ‘inspred by history’, this fan sees it as inspired by something else.

Somtimes words fail and only GIFs are needed to show true depth of feeling.

Football fan Thomas has a warning for any ‘history-wearing Canaries fans.

This fan has some advice for Norwich players.

Football fan Chris is simply blunt in his response.

This football fan sees the history of the shirt but still likens them to bird s**t.

Final word, and following the ornithological theme.

Whilst there are some who do have a liking to the new kit, it is safe to say that they are a Cnut-like minority trying to hold back a wave of chortles and accusations from the wider footballing community.

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