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Owen Coyle will win fans back at Ewood Park

Owen Coyle and his new team will win the support back of fans, and produce a team that fans can be proud of, he told Sky Sports.

The former Burnley and Wigan Athletic manager received a large amount of hostility this week when he was unveiled as the new man to lead at Ewood Park. This week we have seen uproar by fans regarding their club’s ownership with the #VenkysOut campaign, and a petition setup yesterday to remove Owen Coyle.

The recent Houston Dynamo manager understands that it is up to him and his team to win back the support of fans at Ewood park and understands the reception he got as a former Burnley manager.

“I understand that. It is an intense rivalry between the local clubs, that goes without saying.

“I am from Glasgow and grew up a Glasgow Celtic supporter but I can assure you that, whatever team I played for, whatever team I have managed, I have poured my heart and my soul into the job, and that is what I will do here at Blackburn Rovers.

“I certainly understand their opinion and I accept it for what it is. But I know that the job for us is to get a team on the field here that can win and be pleasing on the eye and give the Blackburn Rovers supporters something to genuinely shout about.

“I am not naive. I think whatever club you come into, there are always an element of fans you have to win over. Given the rivalry it might be more so here, and I have got no problem with that.

“The biggest single thing is the club. Players, managers come and go, the one constant is the supporters, and I certainly understand the onus is on myself and my staff to put a team on the field that will have the fans saying ‘I really enjoy watching that team, I’m proud of that team.’

“I know I cannot walk in here and everything will be really smooth, that is the nature of the rivalry.

“What I also know is we will leave no stone unturned to give this fantastic fanbase a team they can be proud of.”

However, despite the fact his previous tenure at Burnley is a problem for some fans, the petition setup yesterday stated that it had nothing to do with him being a Burnley fan, but the point that he had a dismal managerial career, and was not worthy of an interview.

Owen Coyle will have a tough job on his hands in the upcoming campaign, especially with the growing uproar regarding the Venky’s ownership of Blackburn, and must aim for great success and progress next season, something the side did not witness last season.

It would seem that the current situation at Ewood Park has been brewing for a while, but in the last few weeks has erupted into something which has been widely covered.

Below you can find our articles on the #VenkysOut social media campaign and the petition to remove Owen Coyle already!

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