Leeds United: Daily Star ‘shames’ Steve Evans

Size Zero. Heroin Chic. Plus-size. All of them share one thing in common – it’s all about body image. Perfectionist ideals of what a body should ideally look like.

Not everyone can cut that svelte figure of cosmopolitan suaveness that ex-Chelsea boss José Mourinho cut, we can’t all be the ‘Special One’. For every Mourinho-type there are many more not of that mound. If you are going to have Mourinhos then you’re going to have more not from that mould. You are going to have your Steve Evanses.

And so you’d expect it. You’d expect in this great smorgasbord of body types to have your Evanses and Mourinhos as well a smattering of Parkinsons, Wengers and a whole host of others. In reality, the collection of body shapes is like delving into a tub of  Quality Streets.

Yes, I’m sure that a few people have made the odd ‘who ate all the pies?’ and ‘Big Steve’ jokes made behind the sniggers and infantile guffaws, but in the national press – I mean, really. However that’s the sorry state of reporting in certain publications; a jab at Steve Evans’ weight thinly veiled in a ‘football story’.

Trading on the back of the ‘Leeds United’ name, yet another red top tabloid spills out another story about the club. When I say ‘story’, I use that in the loosest possible term; I guess when I say ‘story’ in this instance what I am using it as a euphemism for simply selling column inches. The only football link seemed to be about sportswear that didn’t fit, I mean really?

No mention of how Steve Evans has revitalised a Leeds United side that was languishing in 18th when he took over. No mention of how he’s engineered Leeds United to within sight of the play-off places, albeit nine points away. No mention of the way that Steve Evans is humble at having the opportunity to manage Leeds United, one of the country’s ‘bigger’ teams and one that many neutrals say should be looking at Premier League football. None of that, none at all.

Instead there are a series of pointed barbs about Steve Evans’ weight that really should have been left behind in the playground. The story starts this right in the article’s sub-heading where Evans is referred to as “ROLY-POLY Leeds boss” and what follows is basically an article about Steve Evans having to sew Leeds badges onto the kit he had at Rotherham, Leeds having nothing in Evans’ size.

Quoting that ever-so ubiquitous ‘Elland Road’ source, The Star go on to say, “The manager can’t seem to fit into the official Leeds training gear. So he’s using his old stuff and has got someone to attach Leeds badges to it so it looks like the original stuff all the rest of the coaching staff wear.”

That’s pretty much it, an article poking fun at Steve Evans’ weight. I thought it might have been written by the Star’s YTS trainee, alas it is written by their ‘Chief Sports Writer’.

Nowt like fat-shaming Daily Star, nowt like fat-shaming.

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