Bolton: team and players in “crunch” talks

When you are £172.9m in the red, sitting at the foot of the Championship and staring at third tier football, then things are pretty bad. When your manager is splashed across the papers with serious allegations made against him, things look even worse. When your not being paid for the job you do…

This is the situation at Bolton Wanderers as players sit and wait for their November wages, wages that have not been paid. Owner Eddie Davies has said that he will ‘gift’ the club £185m in order to “accelerate the sale of the Championship outfit,” with ‘Sports Shield Consortium’ (led by former Bolton frontman Dean Holdsworth) currently in the running to buy the club from Davies for a reputed £20m.

However, The Bolton News say that insolvency expert Trevor Birch is likely to announce that Neil Lennon and his squad will receive “at least part of their November salaries” which will be paid by the end of December. This payment, backed up by a percentage granted from the PFA, is thought to be sufficient to prevent a potential player walk-out in January. The Bolton News say that it was feared that members of the playing staff “could leave for nothing” in January had November and December salaries not been paid; the partial payment staving off this threat.

Speaking of the meeting, Bolton manager Neil Lennon said, “There is a meeting with the PFA on Monday. We are going to get a percentage of our wages and hopefully those will be made up somewhere else down the line. We don’t really talk about it. But something will come out of the meeting. It is not overly affecting them. But it is bound to eke away at them.”

The situation the players are facing is also something that has had a strangely positive effect in the changing room, drawing the players together. Liam Feeney, talking about the financial troubles in the background of the club said to The Bolton News, “We’re not focusing on it, we can’t affect it. I’d rather take heart from the last two games rather than stuff in the press that we can’t control. I think we’ve worked hard the whole time. Maybe the situation has galvanised the squad a little bit.”

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