Parking furore at Leeds United – taxi for Redders?

On a day that saw Neil Redfearn return to Elland Road, the site of his former employment, then walk away with all three points from a chiefly disappointing game, the biggest talking point seems to be over parking spaces. Well apart from the Berardi sending off that is.

As with all ‘incidents’, it only needs the merest hint of something to spark it off, such as an off-hand comment to a reporter such as Phil Hay (below).

At face value, Neil Refearn’s comments are entirely understandable and would draw a certain degree of sympathy and an understandable level of accusatory pettiness. It is well known that Redfearn is embroiled in a legal battle over the manner of his dismissal from the club before the beginning of this Championship season, as is Redfearn’s partner Lucy Ward who was dismissed at the same time as him. However, for Leeds United to deny him a parking permit though, despite whatever else is happening between the two parties, would be rank pettiness in the extreme. The thing is though, like the excuses from a teenager, there is more to the story than actually meets the eye.

It seems that Redfearn wasn’t actually ‘denied’ a parking permit, rather Rotherham were given the standard six allocated spaces that all away clubs are given when visiting Elland Road.

Leeds United said that Rotherham requested a seventh for Redfearn but were told that the allocated six passes and spaces were sufficient and that they should distribute these as they saw fit. Not that it mattered in the end as underhand subterfuge from Redfearn led to his car being parked at Elland Road anyway, as per a Yorkshire Evening Post article. In the article, Redfearn reveals the level of espionage needed to sneak in under the Leeds United radar saying about ‘Permit Gate’, “I learnt it yesterday but what happened is (fitness coach) Paul Warne drove my car in and parked it under his name so they’re not that clever are they?”

With accusations of ‘childishness’ coming from Redfearn over the non-granting of a parking permit, it seems that the full story shines a nightlight of childishness over Neil Redfearn himself. As ever with Leeds United and all things attached to the club, nothing is ever simple nor what it seems at first glance.

Parking Gate – a tale of two sides – Twitter speaks

From the angry…

…to those with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

From those shooting from the hip…

…to those who waited a little for the full story.

I know how valuable parking spaces can be, try finding a child space in my local ASDA, but the issue of ‘Parking Gate’ between Leeds United and Neil Redfearn was more akin to two toddlers arguing over whose turn it was to play in the sandpit.

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