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Cellino yes to Leeds Fans United buyout – Twitter reacts

Facing a second likely ban and disqualification as owner of Leeds United, Massimo Cellino was somewhat backed into a corner. Rather than battle like a salmon swimming upstream against a tidal current, il mister Cellino has agreed in principle to sell Leeds United to fans group Leeds Fans Utd, as per a report in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Wearied with the fight ahead, admitting in an interview with the Times, that he no longer had the balls of his youth, Cellino told the YEP that,

“100 per cent I will sell to the fans, if they want to buy it and look after the club. The fans are the only asset Leeds United has.โ€ Massimo Cellino – Yorkshire Evening Post: October 30, 2015

Should he have fought too long he could have ended up like that final scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, with Butch and Sundance trapped and facing certain annihilation from the Mexican Army that had them trapped and surrounded. This was Cellino’s position at Leeds, fighting off all-comers from all sides and still increasingly being pressed back.
Cellino decides to forego the Butch/Sundance stand-off
Cellino decides to forego the Butch/Sundance stand-off

With fans calling for him to leave the club, quite vociferously at times, during Thursday’s dismal defeat to Blackburn Rovers , the agreement between Cellino and the Leeds Fans Utd, comes both out of the blue and welcomed in equal measures. Leeds Fans Utd had a long-agreed meeting with Massimo Cellino scheduled for today but no Leeds fan could have dreamed that there’d be an announcement such as that which Leeds Fans Utd tweeted out this evening at bang-on 6pm.

Over on Twitter, the whole conversation about Leeds United has been slewed to this topic and its linked announcement.

Cellino announces principle to sell to a Leeds United fan organisation – Twitter reacts

It is safe to say that the mood of the fans is that they are both ebullient and bullish; the news coming as an ideal antidote to the drear and disappointment of previous weeks regarding Leeds United. Still, potentially selling to Leeds Fans Utd and having the fans ‘bullish’ is better than any other rumours about interest from Red Bull.

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