Leeds United: fans react on Twitter to Botaka performance

Public Enemy sang ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ in 1998 warning against placing supreme faith in believing all that you see around you. Jordan Botaka got his much-anticipated debut today for Leeds United, with Whites fans wondering what sort of display they were going to see.

With any new player, fans tend to get excited and eager when awaiting his debut, with many of them eager to bring the noise. Much was made of Jordan Botaka based on his imperious YouTube compilation with Leeds supporters on social media platforms agreeing that he got game skills and eagerly anticipating him bringing some black steel in the hour of chaos. After a self-imposed start to his Leeds career, where Botaka himself said he wasn’t ready to play, the Championship being harder than you think, it was against Middlesbrough this afternoon, a disappointing 3-0 defeat for the Whites, that Leeds United fans got their first glimpse of the man they call ‘The Wizard’ for his 5-star FIFA16 skills.

The reaction to Botaka’s debut was largely positive. Whilst he didn’t set the game alight, his performance showing a willingness to attack and link, rather than being louder than a bomb, seemed to endear him to the opinion of Leeds fans over on Twitter and across Facebook fan groups.

Is it time to ‘believe the hype’ with Jordan Botaka – Twitter reacts

Whilst it is early door in Jordan Botaka’s Leeds United career, with it being barely 65 minutes old, there are signs of good play that will no doubt engender into Leeds fans that feeling that it will take a nation of millions to hold us back.

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