Fulham: Twitter and has new kit been leaked in error?

Football clubs spend countless hours and much money planning the release of a new season’s kit. Plans are coated in obsidian black and hidden from the prying eyes of club staff and fans. People involved are sworn to a level of secrecy far beyond the old ‘cross my heart and hope to die’ level. What is essentially a launch of a piece of cloth, becomes much more than that. Almost Hollywood-hype is the planning and release, hidden behind marketing cleverness and subterfuge with the overall intention being to maximise sales. Then something unforeseen comes along to spoil it; in the case of Fulham FC it was a TV commercial and a distinct lack of planning aforethought. Well it seems that way, especially to eagle-eyed Cottager and Twitter user Will (@ten_centpistol) who reported this on his Twitter feed…


The culprit, so it appears, is this promotional video (below) which is advertising Channel Five’s new Football League show called ‘Football League Tonight’.

The video shows five Fulham players in Ross McCormack, Scott Parker, Tom Crainey, Lasse Vigge Christensen and Jazz Richards turning out in a spoof 5-a-side ‘pick up’ game against a fan team and wearing a white shirt with the name of the club’s sponsor/partners ‘Visit Florida’ emblazoned across the chest piece. This unfortunate oversight, should it not be a clever piece of marketing, has certainly got Twitter flaring a little.

Fulham kit release: intention or debacle

From the love at a vision of simplicity in white…

…to a damnation of the club and its organisation.


The home kit proves one thing though, ‘home is where the heart is’. If this is the case, whilst there is love at home then it is certainly loathing away from home when it comes to the away kit.


So, whether it is an intentional ploy to drip feed the kit release out like this, in order to garner interest and get social media talking, or a monumental marketing omnishambles then it certainly negates the idea of paying an expensive marketing company to plan a glitz n’ glamour launch. Simply bang a video together and let the fans do the job for you.

featured image credit (cropped and resized): Alexander P Kapp (geograph)

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