, Twitter Boo Boys make feelings plain towards Leeds United player

Twitter Boo Boys make feelings plain towards Leeds United player

It’s in the name, it’s Leeds United. United as in:

  • act as a single body
  • joined together for common purpose
  • formed by the combining of things
  • a sense of togetherness

We are who we are because we are United. Everybody hates us but we don’t care. Leeds United, the Vile Animal. We stick together, strength in numbers. Yes we have our differences, yes we have our opinions but it’s that sense of being ‘United’, that common good that holds sway.

Last night, that sense of being ‘United’ unravelled somewhat at the friendly game against Harrogate at their Wetherby Road ground. Much has been written about that game in other places, including me writing about what fans realistically thought of the game/result, but it is one thing that arose out of that game that I am concerned about here.

The booing, at the game itself, and subsequent outpourings of hate, on Twitter, against Leeds United defender Giuseppe Bellusci. Yes, I know he was a member of the now-infamous ‘Sicknote Six’, the six Leeds United players who ‘refused’ to play against Charlton. However, so were striker Mirco Antenucci, goalkeeper Marco Silvestri and forward Souleymane Doukara – they didn’t receive the same treatment. It appears that, additionally to him self-certificating himself, that Giuseppe Bellusci has also been fingered as the ‘disruptive influence’ in the Leeds United dressing room by some Leeds fans which led to last night’s boos and Twitter reaction.

The case of Twitter against Giuseppe Bellusci

The above Tweets just represent a sample of feeling towards Giuseppe Bellusci, some are a little too graphic to post on here to be fair. The fact is though, they exist and that’s the sticking point for a large number of Leeds United fans.

Team before Boos


Whichever way you look at it, whatever stance you take on the Giuseppe Bellusci debate, it does seem to go against what the term ‘United’ means. In the words of the great American president, Abraham Lincoln,

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Let’s be a house ‘United’, rather than a house divided. After all, ‘All Leeds aren’t we?’




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