, Sky Blue and White looks a bit of alright

Sky Blue and White looks a bit of alright

Clearly, somebody at Coventry City HQ in the close season has been watching their box set of Dallas because the rumour and secrecy raised by the club regarding the launch of Coventry’s new kit for next season which was unveiled today, has been stoked up to such a degree that it could have rivaled that infamous who shot JR plot!

For weeks fans have been asking would it be checks?… Stipes?… Plain? … Sky Blue, royal blue, arctic blue, ocean blue?!

Do any other fans get so excited for a kit launch?
Okay, well cut us some slack, we haven’t won anything for 28 years!

Ultimately however, the Sky Blues’ big unveiling of the club’s new shirt turned into somewhat of a damp squib with just hours before the big launch at 6am this morning, an unknown source (cough, the local telegraph) raining on the clubs parade by releasing images of the new strip 8 hours early.

Whilst in years gone by this dastardly act would have been viewed by the club as a treasonous ploy against the owners, only punishable  by a bitter and costly court case, (We’ve had a lot of them over the last few years) those running the official Twitter page of the club showed a new relaxed mood emanating in recent weeks by posting this message in response to seeing their big announcement scuppered:

Therefore when the official images were released this morning to show a return to the classic Sky Blue and White stripes that the club donned during the City’s finest hour in 1987 when they reached Wembley and defeated Tottenham Hotspur in that infamous final, there was less the explosion of praise and more of a “So… We saw that hours ago!”

Nevertheless, this years strip, released after the club recently signed  a 4 year manufacturing deal with Nike, has been warmly received by the Sky Blue Army and viewed as a welcome nod to the finer times as life as a Coventry supporter when led by George and John, the club proudly walked down Wembley Way.

Coventry-City-15-16-Home-Kit (1)
Coventry City’s new kit is unveiled today. Picture taken from the official Coventry City website.

Smart looking. Appealing to the eye. Relative to the clubs history. This shirt has all the makings of a Sky Blue classic and is a vast improvement on the more shoddier designs of recent years.

Whilst a nod to the past, the club has marked the unveiling of the strip with the tag line, “It starts today” 

In a comment to Coventry City’s website, Chief Executive Steve Waggott said:

“The new kit, with the Sky Blue and white stripes and the famous Nike swoosh, represents a new period in this club’s history as we strive to improve the club’s position, image and our connection with the fanbase.”

For once, there is positivity among the oft beleaguered Sky Blue Army, hoping that a corner has been turned in the relationship between club and fans that in recent years has been scarred by court cases, ground shares, point deductions and protests. Whilst a shirt is only a shirt and the most important thing  now is to find some able players to play in the strip, the release of what is reminiscent of such an iconic kit for Coventry City has supporters cautiously believing that next season could see the club finally achieve some success. Just like those heady days of 1987 when dressed in Sky Blue and White stripes, the City achieved its finest hour.
Promotion this season wouldn’t beat the euphoria of 1987… but it’d come close, particularly for the next generation of Coventry City supporters like myself.

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