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News from LS11 – Uwe Rösler to attend Leeds United fan initiative

In what some might consider astonishing news, given that many see Massimo Cellino as some kind of megalomaniac/dictatorial presence at Elland Road, the Leeds United supporters initiative Leeds Fans Utd has stated that the club’s head coach, Uwe Rösler, is to attend their next shareholders event.

The meeting is to be held in Leeds for shareholders only on the morning of Saturday 11 July where the initiative intend to provide an update on the first three months of Leeds Fans Utd and the activity that they have been up to. It is their intention to also review their performance so far and this is to include the number of shareholders subscribed and the funds raised to date. On top of this more mundane reporting, Leeds Fans Utd are also intending to run two more ‘interactive’ panels called ‘The Rise of People Power’ and ‘Let’s Talk Football’ with the intention of providing a number of speakers and guests where the order of the day will be the facilitation of a Q&A-based discussion.

It seems a coup that Leeds Fans Utd have managed to get a hold of the club’s current coach and is surely a sign that both they [Leeds Fans Utd] and their aims are being taken seriously by those linked to the club. Leeds Fans Utd themselves say the following in the release on their website,

“We’re very pleased to announce the first of these special guests is Uwe Rösler. Uwe understands the importance of involvement and has been particularly close to the fans at both Man City and Wigan. This forum will allow us to show our appreciation and support for the task he faces in returning Leeds United to greatness, and allow him an early taste of the strength of the Leeds support.”

Leeds Fans Utd stress that the meeting is purely for the benefit of the shareholders and that admittance will be “strictly limited” to “admittance by ticket only”.



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