, Leeds United – appreciation shown #thanksredders Twitter

Leeds United – appreciation shown #thanksredders Twitter

Whatever happens to Neil Redfearn at the behest of il capo Cellino, noe thing remains solid and that is that Leeds fans love one of their own. After the comedy appointments and sackings of Hockaday and Milanic, Redfearn has brought stability and hope to the club. First he stablilised a sinking ship and then set a course for Championship survival, a course that has been steered and navigated true and now sees Leeds safe when it once looked like we’d slip into the murky depths of League One. As a mark of gratitude for our embattled coach, Leeds United Supporters Trust (LUST) proposed a day of gratitude to Neil Redfearn for all his efforts this season through an attempt to get the hashtag #thanksredders trending and encouraged Leeds fans to put forward their #thanksredders messages; a collection of which are below.

Here’s what started it all off…


Mr Gelderd says what most, if not all, Leeds fans are thinking…

Shaun @Dr.T keeps it simple


I Hate Leeds expresses the Leeds United family view

Hearsay, conjecture and downright guesswork have all had their say in the supposed future that Neil Redfearn faces come post-game Saturday. Whichever future, whatever fate that befalls Redfearn, the fans have had their say. The following quote on Adam Pope’s Twitter feed, from Neil Redfearn’s press conference, sums up ALL that is good about the Leeds United head coach,


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