, Leeds United – Italian journalist in Twitter spat

Leeds United – Italian journalist in Twitter spat

What is it with Leeds United and Twitter?

If it isn’t fans sending it into a frothingly-rabid frenzy as a mass sicknote is suspiciously handed in by six players before a game then it’s said players offering to settle a score with fans up at Thorp Arch. Leeds can now add another notch to its Twitter bedpost after the following Twitter status from Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli in response to ‘abuse’ he was getting from Leeds United fans over Twitter.

Now, one thing that you never accuse Leeds fans of is their loyalty to the club; it’s a bit like wedging a firework up your jacksie, lighting the blue touch paper and not expecting some form of reaction and highly likely severe rectal disfunction. Well, you can safely say that the blue touch paper was lit and the firework has definitely exploded; just not sure about the state of the prolapses that have followed. One thing I am sure of though, Leeds fans are not happy.

Take this guy who works providing stats for the club website, in addition to being a published author, and is the Steven Hawking of Leeds United stats…he’s not happy


A suitably sarky response


This is even more suitably sarky a response

Now, there’s a phrase that I love that has a particular relevance here, especially more so with the lighter of this Twitter blue touch paper being Italian – ‘Crossing the Rubicon’. What this means is reaching or going past a point of no return. The Rubicon was a river that divided Rome from it’s provinces – to cross it with an army was a crime punishable by death. Julius Caeser crossed the Rubicon at the head of a Roman legion and marched on Rome, causing the Senate to flee and resulting in Caeser being eventually crowned dictator of Rome and led to the creation of the Roman Empire which lasted over 500 years.

History lesson over, now return to your desks. Emanuele Giulianelli crossed his own Rubicon in becoming the sole arbiter of what constitutes a Leeds United fan.

In the famous words of Caeser after he crossed his own Rubicon, alea iacta est” (the die is cast), the fallout from this might get messy.


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