, Leeds ‘Suspect Six’ not totally Umber-lievable

Leeds ‘Suspect Six’ not totally Umber-lievable

Suddenly the case of Leeds’ ‘Suspect Six’, the Friday sicknote crew, looks to be a little clearer after Phil Hay’s interview with Andrew Umbers, Leeds United’s chairman. After the mass withdrawal of the six Leeds United players on Friday, social media platforms in general, Twitter in particular, went into total, frenzied meltdown as all manner of hypothesy, hearsay and general opinionated whisper was mentioned as to the reason behind the seemingly-suspicious injury spike up Elland Road way. Six players: Marco Silvestri, Mirco Antenucci, Giuseppe Bellusci, Dario del Fabro, Edgar Çani and Souleymane Doukara all withdrew reporting inury as they ‘self-certificated’ and didn’t travel to the Charlton game Saturday just gone.

“It’s a plot!” cried some quarter of Leeds United fans; “Massimo’s behind it all,” cried some with blind and unfounded accusations fuelled by reports such as those Tweeted by Phil Hay (below)

Thankfully, Phil Hay has gone back to the club and secured an interview with the chairman Andrew Umbers which, one can only hope, puts this particular bad-tempered baby to sleep. Hay’s questions seem to draw the kind of response from Umbers that Leeds United should have put forward in the first instance; I mean a little transparency goes a long way in situations like this one. As a wise man once said, ‘it’s better to douse the fire than fan the flames’.

One question Hay posed was directly regarding the fact that Leeds’ banned owner, Massimo Cellino, had said that it was a strange state of affairs. Umbers’ reply was,

“Massimo doesn’t get any of our injury lists. He’s not allowed to. Firstly he’s not on email but he’s not allowed to get involved day-to-day. Those are the rules and regulations that he signed up to. He wouldn’t know. He’s reporting what he sees.”

Thankfully, Umbers’ replies put to bed some of the rumours and wicked hearsay on this matter.

However, with this being Leeds United, don’t ever count on anything being so straightforward.

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